Saturday, May 19, 2012

Garage sale fun

I spent another fun Saturday shopping at local garage sales with my daughter. We were successful in scoring both furniture (working on kids' apartments again this summer) and potential mini projects. The dining chairs were $10 each. We will do some sort of finish on them once we find a dining table they both like. The entertainment center was only $7 and is a nice small size for middle's apartment.

I scored a print tray for $5 and some other miscellaneous things - a chair shaped picture frame, a new sleigh for Santa, some Christmas ornaments that will make great toys for Santa's workshop (when I get to that project), a really cool pin, and 2 linen napkins. The spoon and ladle in the back are also from today for middle's kitchen.

We had a fun day and now we are both worn out. I really enjoyed the sunshine, though. :)


Kathi said...

Wow! Those chairs are amazing. I wish I could find some like that!
A printer's tray for $5.00. Great finds!

Steinworks said...

I love the cute little chair, you never know what you'll find at garage sales.