Thursday, July 31, 2014

And so it begins

Yesterday I picked and canned our first green beans of the season. Lucille asked to see a photo of the results. We got a late start on our garden so we're a little behind everyone else but from now until October, if the weather holds, I will be canning or freezing something. I'm afraid we won't get any corn this year but we should have good harvests of green beans, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, cabbage, and various varieties of squash. I will probably only have beets enough for one canner full this year but they will be a great treat this winter. The peas and carrots will provide a few fresh meals but there won't be enough to process. Every year is a surprise as to what will do well and what won't. But we will have plenty of food to put up for the winter and I will enjoy knowing just what my family is eating.

Have a wonderful, blessing filled day!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm just floored!

 Well, not really. But I did finish the living room floor. :-) I decided I wanted it to be lived in and embraced the spots that didn't take the paint and stain. I added rocking chair marks - much like the ones on my floor.
 It is hard to see in the whole area photos but the floor has 12 inch wide planks.
I put the trim in where I could and waxed and buffed the floor to give it a soft sheen. I can't do much else in here until I get the stairs in. I don't think the console table will fit under the stairs and I haven't decided what sort of table I want between the chairs. And what about a coffee table? So many decisions left to make. I have to get busy on the rest of the structural details like doors and the hall soon. The bedroom is at a standstill until I get that door in. (I could make the bed, though.) The upper story hall is still completely naked, LOL. And I have to get a door in there, too. No more today, though. I picked and canned two canners full of green beans. I'm ready for some down time.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A day for details

 The bathroom is closer to finished. At least it has most of the essentials. I added toilet paper - a standing dispenser and a spare roll on the tank. The tub faucet is finally in place, too. Rugs, mirror, candle, and a new lid for the bath salts finishes today's work in this room.
 A piece of country styled art for the living room and a rug that will lay flat once there's a finished floor in here.
 The kitchen got a huge ivy plant that hides the upper cabinet join and a pitcher of flowers for the top of the fridge. There's also a new rug for in front of the sink....
 ....and a kitchen clock showing that it is, indeed, lunch time.
I've done nothing to the upper hall or any of the doors. I'm probably going to finish most of the interior work before even starting the exterior. I'm working on this project in very topsy turvy manner but I am having fun. :-)

Zibbet has a fresh new look!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

But what about the floor?

 Well, I don't yet know the answer to that question but I did have time to work on the furniture for the living room. I made the slipper chair from a small hinged jewelry box, wood pieces, batting, fabric and trim. The toile loveseat was made completely from scratch. I am really pleased with it.
 A closer view of the loveseat and it's gingham rooster pillow. I made the upholstered valance and the curtains (made from a coffee filter.)
 A closer look at the chair with its roll pillow - rolled fun foam with fabrics and trim glued on.
This is a potential living room layout. I'm not sure if the console table will fit under the stairs and I need some side tables and art and ...oh, right, there's still that floor. I think it needs a dark wood floor for balance. I'm still thinking about this one. Ideas, anyone?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

And the "ayes" have it!

 But first, a minor bathroom update - just a jar of bath oil beads and a bar of soap. The jar took no creativity. It's a bottle of nail art beads just as it came out of the package. The soap was cut from a real bar of soap and rests in a seashell soap dish.
 I added my "aye" to the few other opinions expressed and there's now a small island in the kitchen. Most of the ones that I liked on Pinterest were sort of dressed up work tables. I was drawn to the wood tops and rustic black finishes so that's what I made.
A salad with all the trimmings is being prepared. The salad bowl is an acorn top. The dressing bottle was made from an electrical connector of some sort. They come in red and are shaped like a bottle. I hand carved the knife and made some of the polymer clay veggies and the bacon.
 I haven't purchased many things for this project but when I saw these mugs with the red roosters, I just had to have them. :-)
The cheesecake on the island shelf and the round loaf of bread on the counter were both made by Gaye, of My Small Obsession.

Friday, July 25, 2014

I am loving this house!

 The kitchen still needs some finishing details but it's mostly finished. I want to add a yellow gingham cushion to the window seat, some rugs, and plants and collectibles on top of the cabinets. I need an opinion please - I'm thinking there's plenty of room for an island since everything is fairly small in scale. What do you think?
 A trio of rooster plates to the left and a tray over the bay. The valances are cut from scrapbook paper.
 The rooster pepper grinder on the stove and the matching cutting board hanging over the sink are Reutter Porcelain pieces. I'd forgotten that I had them but they were in Then Again Antiques. Who knew that it's as much fun to shop in a mini antique shop as in the 1:1 ones. :-D
The bathroom needs a rug or two, curtains or shades, and a mirror over the sink. I need light fixtures for the whole house and the tub still needs plumbing. Adding the windows and the trim around the tile added so much to the look.

The granddaughters will be here tonight for the weekend so there won't be any mini progress this weekend. Next week is my last before I go back to work after summer break. I don't think I will finish but I should make some big progress. Stay tuned!