Friday, January 30, 2015

A Whole Day to Play Leads to Major Progress

 I used diluted acrylic stain to age the plaster and then, instead of the included exterior trim, I used mini tiles (a gift from my very thoughtful husband) to trim the doors and windows.
 The doors are all blue - French Blue to be exact. How appropriate!
 The previous owner of this kit had purchased all of the plastic "wrought iron." I painted all the white pieces black to give my house the look I wanted. The bay window roof is copper with a patina.
 All that's left on the outside is the chimney and roof. What a difference a day makes!
I know that a lot of miniaturists do not put dolls/figures in their scenes because it takes away from the illusion. I fall strongly in the other camp. Almost all of my houses have people - most made by me but some from other artists and a few resin or other manufactured dolls. These are Houseworks dolls. As soon as I saw Joy, the pregnant mama here, I knew I had to have her. She and Joe, little Jamie, and soon to be sibling, look quite happy that their home is nearing completion. It's hard enough to get their toddler to nap on a good day but the construction has really disrupted her schedule. :-)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

If it weren't for snow days I'd get nothing done at all...

 School was cancelled again today due to freezing rain and snow. The trip down the hill to take care of the chickens was a slipping and sliding experience, lol. But the day home from work has given me time to get some exterior work on the French Country house done. Here it is after the plaster work and before aging. I used a mix of latex paint, several colors of acrylic paint, gesso, and sand. The house is not as white as it looks in these photos. It's actually more tan than white. The aging wash will give me just the look I want.
This is dry now so I hope to be back with updates later.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fun with beads

 The upper hallway got a pretty two tiered chandelier. The mini people are gonna be banging their heads all the time but I love how delicate it looks.
 The bathroom also got a pretty little chandelier for over the tub. I think I want one now, too. :-)
Have a wonderful day!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Really Finished This Time

 I found a problem with the light fixture over the table (the tack that I used as a ceiling mount was poking through the upper floor) so I had to take it down to fix the problem. While it was down I decided to make it black to tie into the kitchen decor better. I also added a spacer bead to keep the tack from going all the way through the ceiling. I had to take the pot rack and light fixture over the island down to get to the back so I gave them a coat of black, too. The 'embossed' detail on the rack shows much more clearly with the solid black finish. Be sure to poke the photos so you can see the details.
 I changed the candle tray to a smaller one. That way the ottoman can still be used for feet, lol. My favorite thing on the ottoman, though, is the baby name lists and pen. There's a baby name book on the side table. The doll I ordered from HBS is the Houseworks Joy. She's pregnant. The little details like these are what makes a dollhouse feel lived in.

The bathroom got a small piece of art for the wall. I think there will be a shelf on the right wall over the tub. Where else will the shampoo and such go? ;-)

Have a blessed day, my friends!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just a few more details

 I added an ornate hanging bracket to the bathroom mirror. It looked too contemporary for the rest of the room before.
 The stove end of the upper cupboards needed a bit more to look finished so I gave this silver frame a bit of black patina and framed the rooster that was already there.
 I found the mini Eiffel Tower in the boarding house. It is more appropriate here and is just the right extra this table needed.
 I made an ottoman to act as both coffee table and footstool. It's upholstered with a French script scrapbook paper. The candles are pencil erasers with a black thread wick and glue melting wax drips.
That's all for tonight. The little details are making this house a home. I'm sure the residents, Joy, Joe, and little Jamie, would love to have doors, though. That's going to have to happen soon! Joy and Joe are now ordered, too. I've got to get the house move in ready!

A Place for Everything and Everything In Its Place

 I spent some time on Pinterest this afternoon. I knew I wanted a pot rack for this kitchen but I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted or how to make it. After pinning several options, I dug through my miscellaneous junk in the craft room and this is what I came up with.
The base is a tea light cup. The metal is soft enough to cut the bottom out and punch the needed holes. I added scrapbook sticker vines and dry brushed some black paint to give a bit of patina. The chain and jump rings came from my jewelry making supplies and I made S hooks from sturdy black wire. The light fixture "shines" through the bottom. I love when I get just the look I wanted from bits of nothing scrounged from the various craft supplies and "junk" I deem worth keeping. :-)

Have a wonderfully blessed week, wherever you are!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I Thought I Was Happy

 Anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time knows that sometimes it takes a few "improvements" before I am satisfied with the results. The living room chandelier was one of those times. I didn't dislike it before but it wasn't quite right. I started with the collar at the top (and this is the 3rd edition collar, lol) and then decided it needed some bling. Adding the bling would have been much less challenging if I'd decided on that path before the chandelier was fixed to the ceiling. But with some twists and turns and other maneuvers I managed to get the crystals attached. I think it's an improvement. What do you think?
Back soon with some exterior ideas...