Monday, July 21, 2014

When life gives you...

...broken stemware, make a mini table. After a long and frustrating morning, I opened a cabinet to put something away and this heavy plastic wine glass fell out. Grrr. But then I saw how cleanly the base broke off and wondered how I could use it. (Because that's how we miniaturist people think, right?) I had purchased a package of trophy cups at Dollar Tree to use for urns in the new dollhouse and realized, after measuring, that it would work as a base for the "glass" topped table. I painted it to look like iron, glued the top on, and I have a lovely little table. Next up will be attempting to make "iron" chairs to go with it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Roosters everywhere!

 I spent some time this afternoon searching google images to find rooster plate patterns for the open shelf cabinet in the mini kitchen. Last night I ordered four mini rooster mugs to place in front of the plates and then this cupboard is filled. The wide variety of patterns available has inspired me to start collecting rooster/chicken plates for my real kitchen. We've been using my current dinnerware for many years so it's time for a change. Once I've collected enough dishes, I'll pack my current ones away until I'm ready for a change again. This is gonna be fun!
I made some extra plates, platters and bowls to use on the walls and at the dining table. My mini people are going to mix their patterns, too, I think.

Have a great week!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Changes in the wind

If you've been following me for any length of time, you know that I can rarely call something finished and then leave it that way. ;-) Fortunately, my changes are usually improvements and, in this case, that is definitely true. I just didn't like the look of two separate cabinet units when that isn't how they look in real life. So I trimmed a bit here and filled a bit there and painted over it all. Then I used a scrap book trim, filled in the holes with different colors, added a bit of Triple Thick, and called it tile. I added bits and bobs from my stash to blend in any problem areas, and...ta da! Now I should probably finish the walls, flooring, windows, etc. LOL

Hope you are all having a lovely and blessing filled weekend!

Am I the only one

...who makes the interior furnishings before finishing the building? I'm not sure why I work this way but I do. It's partially because I like making the furniture best and once that's done I'm more motivated to finish the house. I'm going to try to go back and forth on this house. I did get some of the painting done yesterday and I really like how the living room plaster turned out. Anyway, here are the finished kitchen pieces:
 I'm really pleased with how the kitchen cabinets and appliances turned out. Parts of two Michael's hutches, a block of balsa, cardboard, cardstock, beads, woodsies, and stickers got the project this far. Still needed: faucet, backsplash, and a second shelf for over the sink/range area.
 This is the baking hutch that I pulled from my zibbet shop. The yellow over red finish makes it perfect for this kitchen. I don't remember where the dog came from but he will be one of the residents here.
 I am just playing with layout possibilities here. I hope to make an "iron" headboard. I have fabrics chosen for the bed linens. I don't know if I will leave the rocking chair as is or distress it. Opinions?
 The bathroom is really rough at this point. The shelf unit will be finished and wall mounted for towels and other supplies. The tub will be painted and probably have wall mounted plumbing fixtures. I am tentatively planning to somehow use the wash stand as a sink but I think it is oversized so I'd have to cut it down. At this point, the toilet will be completely from scratch unless I stumble on one at a thrift store.
The nursery will keep this walllpaper. I have pink carpet for the floor. The baby needs some work. She's not very pretty, lol. I think lightening her hair will help. She was only $1 at the miniature shop in Holland, Michigan, we visited last month. I figured I could fix her up somehow.

Friday, July 18, 2014

I forgot how much fun it is!

 No change in the house tonight but I made big progress on furniture. The nightstand and armoire for the master bedroom - the wallpaper for that room is behind them. These took forever due to the multiple coats of paint I needed to get the effect I wanted.
 This wallpaper and border were already in the room. I really like them so I'm going to make this a baby girl's room. Her dresser turned out well, I think.
 The kitchen cupboards and appliances before painting - at this point they have a coat of gesso.
 The shelves on the counter next to the fridge will be mounted on the wall. The refrigerator is a paper covered block of balsa. The rest was made by bashing Michael's hutches.
 This is after the paint treatment for the cupboards. I still need to finish the appliances and countertops. The cabinets need knobs, too.

Farmhouse sink and range in the same unit. There's never quite enough space in a dollhouse kitchen but this works pretty well. I still need faucet, burners, and a finish of some sort on the stove. The kitchen is going to be primarily yellow with red and black accents. On the wall opposite the counter and appliances is going to be a baking day hutch from my zibbet shop. The window is a bay and I plan to have a small dining area there.

It's a start

 I gave a warm, aged finish to the stark white plaster walls that the house came with. The living room is off to a good start on a French country feel. I am planning to make a sofa with black and cream toile and a chair in dark red gingham. The drapes will be toile as well..
 My husband got me some of the Hobby Lobby unfinished pieces for Christmas as well as some Michael's hutches. These will get put to use in this house. I found some stickers today at Hobby Lobby to use as carved effects on several of these pieces. You'll also notice that I gessoed over the wallpaper in this room. It wasn't going to come off and it wasn't what I envisioned so this was the best way to handle it.

This is after a primer coat on each piece. Stay tuned for finished pieces soon!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We have a plan... part due to my husband's silliness. He kept coming up with ever more outrageous "themes" for my new dollhouse project. From Hell's Angels to "Were you born in a barn?" and many more between, LOL. However, the barn idea gave me an inspiration. The exterior style of the house lends itself to a New Orleans style. That plus the barn idea made me think of roosters and French Country. The plastered walls in the lower two rooms could easily work with French Country. I think that's the direction I'm heading. We shall see where we end up. ;-)