Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's looking more like home

 The plant pots are caps from some medication of my DH's.
 The ivy is a plastic plant in a barrel made from a small cardboard tube with tea dirt.
 The sofa and dining set are reclaimed from my zibbet shop. I made new pillows for the sofa to match the fabric I used for the chair. The base of the chair is a polymer clay one I made for the half scale colonial. I changed some of the furnishings in that house for some of my vintage pieces several months ago. The side table was made from more of the cardboard tube with a lamp made from a bottle of pink fingernail gems and a paper lampshade. The artwork is a framed doodle from church this morning. (I serve in the media booth and the sermon is not quite as interesting by the second service, lol.) The yummy chocolate lava cake in the kitchen was made by my friend, Brenda.
 All of this furniture used to be in the colonial as well. The bed got pretty new bedding. The dresser just needed a lace scarf and a plant. The slipcovered sofa is another polymer clay piece. Draped in a white "sheet" it looks very cozy. The little house is a Monopoly game piece that I painted to look old.
 I found the little straw hat in my mini stash. I think it adds a bit of country charm.
 The little pillows on the couch are the polymer clay ones from the original version.
 This is just a closer view of the living room side.
And here's a closer view of the kitchen. I haven't done any thing more with the bathroom yet so no new photos there.

I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures. My camera needs charged so I used my phone. I still want to add a few more personal touches but I am so glad I changed from the vintage furniture. Now the little house looks like the vision in my head. :-)

Friday, April 11, 2014

The cottage is finished but...

I still need to make furniture for it. Marisa is right. The little house needs custom furnishings. For now, I took photos with the vintage pieces. I'm still planning to use the kitchen and bath fixtures. (I love the olive green kitchen! :-) )

I'm usually happy with every project I work on but I am extra proud of this one because of how different it now looks from its humble origins.

 A rather boring bathroom at this point but at least there's a garden tub. ;-)
 I do like some things about the lavender bedroom set but I think it's a bit too regal for the cottage.
 I don't know whether I want a couple of wing chairs or a sofa in here. I would love a rocking chair.
The second floor looks a bit wonky in this photo but I don't think it really is. Of course, most everything in an old house usually is somewhat off kilter so I guess I don't mind if it is off. LOL.

Stay tuned for new furniture. It's back to work on Monday so the weekend is likely my best chance to finish things up. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Oh, and a little side note: my hubby now has a blog about our home and garden. Newest addition will be chickens! Check out Hoosier Country Home to see the babies. :-)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Still plugging away

As usual I was too impatient to wait until all the stone work was finished to add shading and seal it. The front and one side are completed. I still have the other side and the little bit of back left to do. To add to the cottage look I think I will add faux black iron hinges to the door when I add the knob. I haven't decided for sure whether I will add interior dividing walls or just leave the rooms open. Anyone have an opinion you'd like to share? I am open to ideas.

My furniture is not very "cottagey." I may keep the kitchen and bathroom fixtures and make the rest of the furniture for the house. Again, I am open to your thoughts on this.

I'm waiting for my daughter to arrive so we can go thrifting. There won't be much progress on the cottage until this evening or maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, leave a comment with your thoughts and have a blessed day!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


 Other than shingles on the roof and potted plants on the porch area, the front is mostly finished. I want to add some shading to the stone and seal it. The dormers will keep the stucco finish and the chimney will have stones. I still have the sides and the small back pieces to do but I really like how this is turning out.
I dug through my bags of half scale vintage furniture and found enough to furnish the house. There's some Blue Box, Mattel, Superior, and I'm not sure what the kitchen appliances are. The furniture is enough different colors that it's a good thing the walls are neutral, lol. I still need curtains and accessories to make it look like a home but those are the fun things to add. Not bad for a day's work.

As promised, I did start the cardboard house

These photos are not the best. My phone camera was close so that's what I used. The outside of the cottage will get stones. The dormers are stuccoed. The interior walls are all tan "plaster" done by adding sand in with the paint. The "wood" floors are all extra cardboard with pencil drawn lines. I stained and sealed them after drawing the lines. There's still quite a bit of work to go but I made good progress. Here's an early photo:
The holes were cut for access. I made the door with cardboard and paper. The stones will cover the paper hinge.

The floors are really pretty. It's hard to tell their humble origins. Back later with updates!

Monday, April 7, 2014

No minis yet but....

...I have been busy. Between yesterday afternoon and this evening (and with a fun all day date with DH in between) I got all the corsages, boutonnieres, and centerpieces done for my daughter's November wedding. It's a bit less than seven months away but my goal is to have most of the diy projects done by June at the latest so I can concentrate on the garden. I will have to save the flower girls' dresses for closer to the wedding in case they have big growth spurts, lol.
By Wednesday afternoon I hope to have a chance to get started on the cardboard house. I think it will be a stone cottage when it grows up. ;-) Stay tuned.  I promise to have my mini project started soon!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sorry it's been so long!

It seems like there just isn't enough time to get everything done. I've been gathering supplies for the wedding decor but haven't even had time to do much with those. However, I will make time for a new mini project. We just got a Hobby Lobby in our county - just 20 minutes away! Before I had to drive almost an hour. Not a huge distance but too far for just a craft stop. Not anymore. ;-) I've been looking at the cardboard house boxes for quite some time, whenever I did get a chance to stop at Hobby Lobby. I usually had enough other stuff to get that I passed on by. Today I finally got one to turn into a half scale cottage. Watch for updates. I also got some really cool metal ribbon that will work really well for cornice trim and a bottle of model glue. The rest of the things I purchased are for the wedding. But I had a fun time wandering the new store with my extremely patient DH. Of course, we started our day at Rural King which is his favorite store, LOL.