Monday, February 6, 2017

My newest miniature

Our first grandson arrived last week. Mama and baby are doing well.
 I've been blessed to be able to spend the first week with our daughter, son-in-law, and little Maverick.
 Grammy has enjoyed lots of baby snuggles!

One thing I really enjoyed was being able to decorate Maverick's nursery. We live three and a half hours away but I will leave a little part of me here when I go back home tomorrow. Soon I will get back to actual dollhouse miniatures but right now I am enjoying this time with my perfect little grandson.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Mini making with the smallest Little

 Our granddaughters spent a few days with us. The younger one was fascinated by the toy store book box and wanted to make something. So while the older Little went on an adventure with Papa, the younger Little and I made a tiny dollhouse. We started with the medium sized paper mache house from Hobby Lobby. I cut the back off and made the doorway a bit taller and she painted with her colors of choice. She chose all of her sister's favorite colors.
 She drew bricks on the chimney and decorated the roof.

 Then she decided that it was a winter house and we needed snow for the roof. A bit of batting solved that problem. A little golden Cherub ornament adds interest over the doorway - both inside and out.
 I had two vintage 3/4 scale pieces that were slightly damaged. I dressed the bed with the fabric she chose. She painted the interior with pink, purple, and green paints in a freestyle way. She chose leopard print fabric for the carpet. We had so much fun! I had everything on hand so there was no cost to do this project but the memories we made are priceless. <3 p="">

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


 This is the project I told you I'd been thinking about. I turned this Christmas book box into a toy store. Well, the facade of a toy store anyway.
 The cover - I added the store name as a book title on the spine of the book but forgot to get pics of that. I need to take pictures tomorrow when the glue is dry anyway. I couldn't wait that long to share photos tonight.
 My little girl's winter outerwear came from a variety of sources. Her coat was cut down from the suit coat a Victorian gentleman came in. Her boots came with the owner of Then Again Antiques. I cut them down and dressed them up a bit to look more like little girl snow boots. Her hat and scarf started life as one of my socks. I knew I'd find a use for that cute sock with a hole in the heel.
 You can't tell from the photos but the window display is lit up. Inside there's a fireplace and a shelf with dolls and a teddy bear. You can see Santa's boots in the fireplace as he comes down the chimney.
I will try to get better pictures tomorrow. It feels so good to have had some mini time!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I'm still here

Hi all. I'm sorry that life got in the way of mini projects and blogging. I have a Christmas mini project percolating in my mind so I hope to have something worth blogging about soon. Thanks to those who checked to see if I was OK. :-)

Friday, June 24, 2016

The finished first house

Barbie house #2

 This house is made of two towers that can be connected with walkways. The rooms are very deep which makes the decorating challenging. I have finished the rooms in the first tower. Both will have rooftop gardens.

This  "pallet" wall was made with scrapbook paper. I found some with four different colors of wood. It looks like four old 2x4s were photographed. I cut the paper into tiny strips, giving a variety of colors and grains. The owner of this dollhouse has a real pallet wall in the house she and her fiance will share after they get married in October.