Sunday, February 22, 2015

Just a few more details

 No one gave an opinion regarding the bench but I decided it needed to be weathered and aged. I like it much better now.
 I added more family photo collages to the upper hall wall. The HBS catalog was a great source for pictures.
I gave the bedroom art piece a frame of sorts. I used a Sharpie marker on the outer edges. It makes the painting stand out a bit more, which I like.

I only added a few things but they give the house a more relaxed and cozy feeling. I need some sort of curtain over the low window in the bedroom. I just frosted the bathroom windows but  I think I need more than that in the bedroom. I'm still debating...opinions?

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Final(?!) Details

 I made the small black bench and the light fixture this evening. The bench was made with scraps from my wood bin and painted. It fills the area under the window beautifully. The light fixture was made from a suction cup and the hook that came with it plus a small square of cardboard. Some tacky glue, super glue and a bit of paint and it no longer looks like a suction cup. I probably need to make one for the upper porch, too.
 I need opinions on the bench. Should I leave it as is or give it a worn finish?
My final project for the evening was the nightstand lamp in the master bedroom. I used part of a wooden chess bishop, two black metal jewelry findings and a bit of paper for the shade inserts.

I love that I can look at this house and see the areas where I've really grown as a miniaturist. Each project looks that much more real, takes that much more research, shows that much more growth. I've been "playing with dollhouses" on and off for almost 30 years. I guess it's about time I made progress, lol.

Wishing you the best of weekends, my blogland friends!

The roof is finished!

I have minor details to add - a lower porch bench, a lamp in the master bedroom, more family photos, etc. - but the house is essentially complete. Even though the roof seemed like it took forever, it was definitely worth doing. It didn't cost me anything but time to do and gives the house just the look I'd hoped for.

Here's a reminder of what the house would look like if I'd followed the directions. I'm so glad that I didn't. ;-) Now that I see the chimney, though, I'm reminded that I really need to put one on, and on the other half of the roof. More on that later, I guess.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Progress, change, and a long week

 I've been making slow progress on the tile work. I finished the back a couple of days ago. Tonight I started on the last roof section. I've been alternating from side to side this time because it hasn't gone as smoothly as the other sides. Daughter #1 thinks maybe I just have selective memory and choose not to remember how frustrated I got on the other parts. Hmm. There may be some value in that theory, LOL.
 The change is in the porch post. I wasn't really happy with the square support I'd used but I do like this shortened and dressed up version.
And, finally, the long week: I had strep throat this week and even with antibiotics my voice disappeared. Trying to keep 1st graders interested in social studies when your voice is alternating between Mickey Mouse and Darth Vader's is a bit challenging. Just tonight, I'm able to speak without cracking. It's still not my normal voice but it's a huge improvement. Plus I feel better today. I'm really hoping to finish the French Country house this weekend. I've been researching ideas for the Westville. It's such a pretty house that I'm leaning toward something other than a home for Santa's elves (my original thought.) I haven't made any decisions yet but I'm leaning toward a period home - maybe in the 30s. Thoughts, anyone?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

All in a day's work

The corrugated cardboard is in place for the whole roof and I have two adjoining sections of the roof tiled. That's all I got done in between church, making dinner, doing laundry, gathering eggs, making "granola" bars (nuts and seeds rather than granola), and a custard. That's still several hours of work - just the large area alone has 235+ tiles. The smaller area went pretty quickly. There's one more large chunk but it's much smaller than the front. Hopefully, I can finish the roof this week. Then I have a few more interior details and it will be finished. Well, as finished as a dollhouse ever is. ;-)

Have a wonderful, blessing filled week, my friends.

Friday, February 13, 2015

The iron and I both got a little older

 First, the iron - I added patina to the wrought iron on the French country railings and trim. I found a great close up photo on the internet, dug out bottles of sterling silver and burnt sienna paints, and a couple of stiff bristled paint brushes and slowly added minute amounts of paint dry brushed on. In this situation a little paint goes a long way. Fortunately, it was easy to stipple on some black to blend any areas that I got paint happy with. :-)
 I didn't have to add much paint to give the railings a much more realistic look that adds so much to the look of the whole house.
 I also added beams at each end of the bedroom ceiling. There was a significant gap at the back right roof joint. I'm pretty confident that Joe and Joy don't want holes in the ceiling. The new beams cured the gap problem and made the ceiling look more polished at the same time. Win, win.
I spent a couple more hours on the roof tonight, too. The finished roof is going to be perfect...but it won't be finished any time soon. Roofing is one of my least favorite parts of a build anyway and there are a few more steps involved with this roof. It's going to be worth it, though, based on the progress photos.

Oh, and I got a little older on Monday. I had a wonderful day with my family. Daughter #1 made dinner, Son made a surprise trip home, Daughter #2 and family sent a fun card and called - complete with a Happy Birthday serenade from my granddaughters. DH was home for the day after a few days in the hospital for a bronchial infection that just didn't want to clear up. He's on the mend and back at work. Two of my classes at the elementary school where I work sang to me, too. Year 52 is off to a great start.

Hubby and I get a weekend alone which doesn't happen all that often even with all the kids living on their own. We'll enjoy a dinner date tomorrow to celebrate Valentine's Day - our 37th one together. We started dating when I was fourteen and he was sixteen. I was blessed then and I still am.

Wishing all of you a Happy Valentine's Day and a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Putting my ducks in a row

Well, my windows anyway. I knew the bay window was crooked but with each addition to the front of the house the extreme degree of crooked became unbearable. I was afraid to try to remove it and reposition it for fear of breaking pieces. But last evening as I was talking to daughter  #2 on the phone and looking at the front of the house I decided to try. Since I hated the way it was and that was the only thing I didn't like about this project, something had to change. A bit of prying with a screwdriver was, surprisingly, all that it took to remove the still mostly assembled window. Woo hoo!

So the front of the house went from this:
 To this:
This project is very near completion. I need to spend several hours on the roof to get it finished and I want to add a few more personal touches inside.  This project represents some of my very best miniature work. Details have always been my favorite part of this hobby but I feel that I've nailed the overall look and feel of French country (De's interpretation.) My favorite project is often the one I'm currently working on but this one may stay at the top. :-)
 I added a few bits and bobs today. I traded out the polymer clay bowl for one made from a measuring spoon. The scale is much better. The trade out was not as simple as it sounds but I'm happy with the end result.
 I did a bit of work on the window seat after redoing the window last night. I also made a sippy cup for little Jamie.

Here's a closer view of the reworked window. I used narrow strips of aluminum foil over the seams in the bay window roof. I like the more finished look.

Have a wonderful, blessing filled day, my friends!