Friday, June 23, 2017

Who rules the roost?

I made the mini version of our chicken coop quite awhile ago but today I decided to make the matching run. It was a fun evening project. Now I just need more mini chickens.

This almost looks life sized.

Once I get a few more chickens the run will be a bit livelier, lol.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Photo Fun

 The percolator is the only new thing. I painted a red spatter ware coffee pot to look like aluminum and added a glass bead on top. It looks convincing and makes me smile. Even the little people need their morning caffeine fix.
 I love how changing the pics to black and white makes them look more authentic for the 50s.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A mini miniature makeover

Please excuse the poor quality of the photo. My tablet has wonderful photo editing software built in but takes horrible photos, lol. I decided yesterday afternoon to add the pom pom trim to Harriet's bedspread in the boarding house since I liked it so well in the 50s house. It definitely gives the spread a more finished/polished look.

I've been up since six because I am expecting a morning delivery of my new cell phone. I will be spending some time with that and the laundry but hope to find a bit of mini time, too. I have a couple of small projects I hope to start soon. It feels good to get back to mini making and also to blogging about the projects.

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, June 2, 2017

A Dollar Tree makeover story

 I stopped at my local Dollar Tree to pick up a few things. I always look at the toys because they sometimes have doll furniture. I found a few sets of plastic pieces with dolls for my granddaughters and one for me. I saw wrought iron when I looked at these chairs. I painted them with black nail polish and they look really good. The table was more of a challenge. I didn't use the stickers in the photo below. I ended up cutting pieces from a paper doily, gluing them in place, and then painting with the black polish.

 Here's the transformed set on the label from the package they came in.
And here they are in place on the porch of the 1950s house. This was a cheap and easy project. Sometimes those are the best ones!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Johnson's Boarding House was way over due for a good cleaning...

...and a few new pieces from a tote full I bought from a cousin.
George is preparing for his next student. The only new thing this room got was a side table to replace the one I took for the French country house.  It came from Sandy's room.

Sandy got a new iron bed. Her old one was very narrow so I think she will enjoy the new addition.
I didn't add anything new to the living room. I just cleaned it and changed the meal on the dinner table.
Harriet got a pretty new bedside lamp.
Tess and Johnny and their dog, Wilson, are enjoying the sunny day on a clean porch.

The kitchen got a beautiful Hoosier cupboard and a new table and chairs on the pretty braided rug. The cupboard has so much storage!