Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I think it's really finished now

 The family room now has plants, curtains, and a newspaper. I'd still like to put some sheet music on the piano but I ran out of motivation. ;-)
 The bedroom is now one of my favorite rooms. Lace curtains, floral prints, a vase of flowers, bedside lamp, alarm clock and Bible, along with the pretties on the vanity make this a very feminine room.
 I carved out a hairbrush from a toothpick and flattened a small brad to make a silver hand mirror. I also added a bottle of perfume and a small silver dish for jewelry.
 The bathroom got towels, rugs, and bottles and jars for the sink shelves. There's also a silver dish full of little soaps.
 I put a roll up shade in the window, a floral print over the toilet, and made a toilet paper holder and roll of tp. I used a white bead and covered it with a single ply of paper napkin. The holder was made with a brad.
 The kitchen looks cozier with an eyelet lace valance, a plant on the cabinet, a pot rack over the stove and a pot of stew on the stove. I also added a bright yellow clock and a calendar from February 1963. That's the year I was born and the furniture seems to be from approximately that era.

 I made an end table and lamp for beside the chair. The mantel got small candle sconces and a marble clock. I added formal black drapes and a vase of flowers on the table.
There's a book on the table, too. This looks like a cozy place to spend a chilly February evening.

I wouldn't mind finding a pet and/or a person for this house but it is effectively finished. I've been considering making one or two more houses similar to this one to display some of the rest of the furniture purchased at the same time. I think they would look nice hanging on the wall together. If we continue to get a snow storm every week or so, I should have plenty of time.

Hope you are warm and cozy if you are in the midst of winter like me!

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