Friday, August 8, 2014

I like it!

 The nightstand is across the room rather than by the bed but I am happy with the room. I love the beamed ceiling. I decided to stain the floor to match the beams to tie it all together. The bed canopy hides the fact that the headboard doesn't go all the way to the floor. I guess I could have just put legs on the headboard to make it look finished but the canopy suits the rustic meets romance feel of the room.
Update: I adjusted the pleats and gathers and added a piece of paper doily as the centerpiece on the canopy frame. I like the little added touches. The bedroom is beginning to look like I had hoped it would. It needs accessorizing but it already looks cozy and romantic. :-)


Giac said...

Hello De,
It looks beautiful. The bed is very welcoming!
big hug,

De said...

Thanks so much, Giac!