Saturday, January 30, 2016

Some days just don't go quite as planned

 My planned task for today was to work on the exterior of the house after running a few errands in town. I ended up spending a good part of the day with Daughter#1 and running the errands. By the time I got home I didn't have time for starting a big project so I did a couple of smaller ones instead. The kitchen project was a very simple one. I put in the trim piece to separate the linoleum from the wood floor of the dining room. I also added yet another coat of paint to the stairwell wall and added a trim piece to cover a large slot in the stairwell where the two stories connect. I don't have a photo of that, though.
One of my stops while I was in town was Hobby Lobby. I bought an unfinished hutch and turned the top half into the bookcase for Davy's room. The top shelf will actually hold books. The other shelves showcase some of his favorite things.

If there's time tomorrow I really am planning to work on the exterior. I think it will go fairly quickly if I like the brick I plan to use. I guess we'll find out tomorrow!

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