Monday, October 29, 2018

Ready for winter

 While I still need to make some sort of fire guard, John and Louise now have a fireplace in addition to their cook stove. They should stay cozy once the temperature begins to drop. I carved the fireplace from a block of balsa and then added trim. The simple brick style suits the farmhouse.
 In the overview of the downstairs you can see that I couldn't live with the thumbtack curtain tie backs. I just used bits of ribbon instead.
John's pocketwatch is in a bowl on the nightstand. At this point it is the only clock in the house. Maybe I should make one for the mantel...


Giac said...

Hello De,
The room looks very warm and cozy.
Big hug

Jodi Hippler said...

The fireplace looks cozy and lovely! Louise and John are nearly ready for a housewarming party! Maybe one of their friends will gift them a lovely clock for the mantle!

De said...

Thank you!

De said...

Thank you! We can only hope about the clock, lol.