Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back from the vet

First, thank you all for your good wishes for Angel. The appointment went very well and Angel really was an angel today. However, the news wasn't very good. Although the lump needs to be treated (or removed if it doesn't get better with drops) it turns out there's a bigger problem. Angel has progressive retinal atrophy. She's already completely night blind, which explains a lot of "weird" behavior, and has very limited day vision. Apparently, it's an inherited disease and she's probably been slowly losing her vision since shortly after birth. She's only 9 now. But now that we are aware of how advanced her vision loss is, we'll make the necessary accomodations and she'll be fine. She had a wonderful day - 3 hours in the car with "mom", lots of petting and one-on-one time, and because she was so well behaved, a burger on the way home. She's been grinning all day, lol.


Katie said...

Glad to hear you 2 had a good day, Sorry to hear about her vision! But how kind of you to take her for a burger after!! What a lucky dog!!! :)

De said...


MiniKat said...

I hope the lump gets better with treatments. I wish there was something they could do about her vision. But at least she has a great momma who takes care of her and buys her the occasional burger. ;-)