Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rudolph just watched the reindeer games

All of the reindeer got a makeover today to match Rudolph a bit better. I like the darker color. I also painted the sleigh runners and trim. Once Red gets those reindeer hitched to the sleigh Santa is ready to go.

The deer came from a variety of sources - one is a child's toy, one a tree ornament, and four are decorative items meant to sit on a table or shelf. Most of them had a glitter or metallic finish and several had some sort of embossed detail. All got a coat of paint, a layer of tan flocking, and a coat of darker brown paint with soft white accents. The embossed parts are much less obvious and the reindeer look more like they are supposed to go together. :-)


PILAR6373 said...

Que bien te ha quedado!!! Veo que Santa ya tiene todo preparado para repartir los regalos!!!
Feliz Navidad!!!

Eliana said...

The reindeer were very beautiful in their new colors. ;)

Morandi_Girl said...

The reindeer are gorgeous, expecially the small one on the side!