Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shopping and Additions

I don't why I never thought of it before, but when I was trying to figure out a cost effective way to provide silverware for the workshop I suddenly thought of printies. I found a clear photo of a table setting in a pattern I liked, sized it appropriately and filled a page with them. I used cardstock so I could shape the silverware after cutting it out. It's been given a coat of gloss varnish to add strength, too.
Yesterday I stopped at Dollar Tree. I found some of the red stained wooden furniture and picked up a few pieces. I also found these little sets. The desk doesn't come with a chair but the chair that comes with the table works well. Both the desk and the table come with an adhesive graphic. I've mostly removed those - that is some strong adhesive! Even Goo Gone wasn't cutting through it completely. I will show these pieces again after they are transformed. I'm not sure what I going to do with them yet but it will be fun to play. :)


A. Wright said...

I saw those red stained pieces at my store. They really are great for a buck and have so much potential. Can't wait to see what you do with your new goodies!

Lady Jane said...

Hi I am sorry to hear about your hubby. I wish him a speedy recovery and will offer up some prayers for him. I like your ideas on the silver. I will have to attempt this. LJ