Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer bounty

 I was very excited to use up six of my summer squash in a double batch of sweet relish today. The four I had left would be good grilled or as the "noodles" in lasagna but then...
...hubby and I walked down to the garden this evening and found eleven more! I will make some zucchini bread (substituting the yellow squash), and chop and freeze some for later use in bread. We also like it breaded and fried or grilled. Do any you have any really good zucchini or summer squash recipes? I want to try my friend's zucchini patty recipe but I think I will have enough squash to try any new recipe I want, lol.

Yesterday I canned the first of the green beans and I will be canning more of those on Friday. I love providing for my family in this way! My last few weeks before school, and thus work, start are going to be very busy, though.

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Kathi said...

Your squash are beautiful! I'll bet that relish is YUMMY. :D