Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Not much mini time

Well, I had hoped to have lots of time for miniature projects this summer but it was not to be. I did get the DuraCraft Victorian done (and it was a lot of fun!) but now I'm in the middle of garden harvest and "putting up" for the rest of year's enjoyment. School starts in 2 weeks. I still have that Sweetheart Cottage waiting and I will get to it, I promise. :)

I will have to make some time for projects because I have a really cool swap coming up. It's a personalized swap. We all chose the house we wanted things for - I chose Harriet's Boarding House c. 1946. Then we make something for each person that fits in the house they chose. This one is gonna be fun!

Now I'm off to read your blogs while I wait for the weight on the pressure canner to start doing its little dance. Have a great day!

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dalesdreams said...

I hear you, De! This has got to have been my busiest summer ever.

I'm in a panic trying to get minis made for the show in the beginning of next month. :(

That swap sounds so cool. :)