Thursday, September 27, 2012

And here are the other two...

I can't find photos of the fronts of these two so will get some when I pull the houses out to clean them. The one on the left is a RGT Victorian Cottage. The other is a Petite Dreams Victorian. It looks just like a reversed RGT Allison except it has very narrow doors. I had to make all but the front door from scratch.

These two houses are special to me because they mark the beginning of my renewed interest in minis after a 10 year break while the kids were young. Most of the furniture in these houses was made from scratch or revamped from purchased.


Maria said...

I love all your houses, so much work to pack it all up and set up again!

Lucille said...

Your houses are lovely! I would love to see close up photos of the individual rooms. I love to admire all the little details!