Thursday, September 20, 2012

I only have a week!... get  4 dollhouses ready for the National Dollhouse and Miniatures month display at the library. This year I am taking larger houses. Three are Victorian and I want to set them up as a street. The DuraCraft San Franciscan is one of the houses I am planning to take. I also plan to take the RGT Victorian Cottage and the Petite Dreams Victorian house. I can't find photos of those at the moment but I know both are featured somewhere on the blog. :)
 The Willowcrest is a contemporary Victorian but I want to take it and a photo scrapbook showing the renovations I did on this $7 garage sale find.
I plan to use this gazebo, too, to add to the street feeling. This will be the city park. I have so much yet to do. None of these houses have plexi covers yet and I need to finish the scrapbooks for the Willowcrest and the San Fran. Hopefully, these will be as popular with the library patrons as last year's display.


YamYam said...

the house is really really pretty!!


Kim said...

how exciting De! Good luck with the preparations :)

Fabiola said...

These houses are wonderful. I like the gazebo.
Good luck for the display et the library.
Kiss Faby

dalesdreams said...

Good luck, De! Wishing you all the best! :)

Lady Jane said...

This will be a spectacular display. Take pics!!!