Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Few New Things

 Many of my new swap things now have homes. I love the new lamps. The knitting bag on the floor was a prize from Small World forum. The colors are so good in this room. The needlepoint pillow was a recent purchase.
 The leather topped dresser looks great in George's room. The base violin is a recent purchase
 Sandy put the laundry away and now she's finishing up the dishes for Harriet.
Harriet is putting her own laundry away today.


Lucille said...

The living room looks great. I love those lamps! I love that little knitting bag. It's always interesting to see the little people going about the house doing their thing. I like the presence of the musical instruments. They somehow add to the personality of the room.

Kim said...

Everything looks so great De! All those little touches really make the dollhouse look like a well loved home :)

Fabiola said...

These things are very nice and perfect in your dollshouse.
Bye Faby

MiniMaker said...

Everything looks fabulous!

Steinworks said...

I love the colors of that living room :)

De said...

Thanks everyone! The living room is one of my favorite rooms in the boarding house and I love the little extras from my swap friends.