Sunday, October 14, 2012

Personalized Swap

 One of the groups I belong to recently held a "personalized swap." We each chose which of our dollhouses or projects that we wanted to receive items for. Brenda chose her seaside cottage. The residents are a retired sea captain, his wife and their young son. I tried to make a little something for everyone. Elsie got a bathing suit and a shell book. The captain got a sea chest filled with the tools of his trade. And the little boy got a sand castle with pail and shovel and a child's book about seashells.
 Gaye is redecorating a dollhouse her grandmother gave her. She's turning it into a girls' boarding school reminiscent of "The Facts of Life" television show from the 80s. She got two students in uniform and a spare uniform for another room.
 Rosie is working on a Christmas bakery. Gray and dark red are two of the colors she's using so I revamped the dining set I made for the library class (that didn't work out). I added Christmas patterned dishware and napkins, filled coffee cups and a Christmas pot with extra coffee. The plates hold a cake and cream dessert. The workboard is another cake in progress.
Sandy is making a Christmas house. The chair used to be a picture frame. I padded the area that used to hold the glass and upholstered over the resin chair with Christmas prints. The matching ottoman was a bottle lid of some sort. The side table was a small cake decorating pedestal and I added a Christmas shade to a real mini lamp.

This swap was so much fun! Knowing the recipients already have a home in mind for your projects really added a lot to the anticipation. I chose Harriet's boarding house. I will post photos soon of all the wonderful gifts I received. Harriet and her boarders were thrilled! ;)


Kim said...

what a lot of beautiful items De- I bet your swap partners were thrilled! I can't even choose a favorite- although I adore the little sandcastle and the revamped christmas chair turned out sooo nice! Happy Fall :)

mamasminis said...

Swaps seem so much fun!! I really wish I could find (the time to find) one! :)


Drora's minimundo said...

Your gifts are absolutely gorgeous and thoughtful. Very inspiring recycling ideas.
Hugs, Drora

Steinworks said...

I love it all, it looks awesome :)


De said...

Thanks ladies!

I love swaps. I've received so many wonderful things from my very talented friends. I learn a lot from the items I receive, too. You get a window into how the other person thinks and learn to look at things in different ways. Find a swap if you can. It is so worth your time.