Saturday, December 8, 2012

Decking the halls

 I had to run to the local Family Dollar for dog food this morning. I can't seem to go in there without looking around and I ended up buying a large box of silver glass ball ornaments to play with. This blue and red ornament was made by decoupaging tissue paper shapes onto the ball. Then I sprinkled it with fairy dust - a very fine glitter.
 On this one I painted sections with silver glass paint. That gave a pretty matte finish to those sections that contrasts very nicely with the shiny silver.
 This one got stripes with chunky white glitter. I had a lot of fun just playing. I did several others but these three are my favorites.
I also found this tiny princess tea set at Family Dollar. The pieces are nicely scaled for dollhouse use. I just need to make them look much less pink and plastic, lol. The teapot is made to hold all the pieces. I had planned to paint it to look like a porcelain teapot to hang on the tree. Silly me - I didn't even think about putting a mini scene inside. It's a good thing my hubby did. ;) That's gonna be a project for tomorrow during the football games. I promise to show you the results tomorrow evening.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Meg said...

If you ever find that second one missing, I don't have it.

Kathi said...

Your ornaments are very pretty!
Love that little tea set. Wonder if MY Family Dollar has them? :D

Jane Smith said...

Your ornaments look great ;) I did my daughters first fairy dollhouse with 90% of the stuff from the dollar store ;) its a mini crafting dream in there ;P

De said...

You are in luck, daughter, cuz I still have some silver ornaments and can make one for you. Gotta save you from a life of crime, lol. Can't have you stealing Christmas ornaments.

Kathi, the sets were less than $3, I think. The tiny dishes will be my next project but I want to find more sets because the teapot makes a beautiful ornament.

Thank you, Jane. Some of my best inspirations come from dollar stores and thrift stores.

Lucille said...

Beautiful work, De. Very inspiring!