Sunday, December 9, 2012

The promised teapot

 The back "wall" is papered with tiny green stripes and the floor is cork. There's just enough room for a tiny decorated tree. This one is silver and has a snowy skirt.
I used dark green enamel paint so it would stick to the teapot and have a bit of shine. The glitter was just for fun - and to help the dark green stand out against the tree. I will be looking for more of these sets. I want to make more ornaments!


Lucille said...

We don't have a Family Dollar in Ottawa. I've never even heard of that store. We have a Dollarama and a Dollar Tree. I think it's called the Dollar Tree. It's an American store that opened this past summer. You were so lucky to get those little tea sets. I have an affinity for tea pots. You are so talented, De. It's sheer genius on your part to have thought of putting a sweet little Christmas scene in that little teapot. I just love looking at it.

Ascension said...

Una buena idea, queda preciosa.
besitos ascension