Sunday, June 23, 2013

And then there was the shopping!

 These items came from the various antique stores we visited. Some are antique, some are vintage, and some are none of the above. But even those items looked antique by the time I made them over.
 These are the items I purchased at Jeepers. The tool set was the only expensive item but it is very nicely done.
 Several of the refinished wood pieces are now displayed on the second floor. I also added the rug, the cane (on the other side of the grandfather clock), the babushka doll (on top of the window), and the planter box.
The new customer is looking through the old tin types on the desk. Above the right window is a collection of "blown glass" snowmen (charms from wine glass rings). The vintage tools are displayed on the Tootsie Toy table in the center of the room. The small scale table would work as a coffee table. Behind that table is a candle stand with two golfer statues. (More of the wine charms mounted on button bases.) A small blue metal toy truck rests on the child's desk and a funny little figurine on a barrel sits on the floor nearby. Under the dollhouse on the carved trunk rests another quilt. (I found a good sized bundle of this fabric at one of the antique shops. It's beautifully scaled and will make a very nice quilt for some project. For this one I just glued and folded to make it look like a folded quilt.No stitching was involved.

The patriotic welcome mirror is displayed downstairs, as is the large carved elephant that used to be on the second floor. For some reason that photo keeps turning sideways when I attempt to post it. Since not much changed, I'm not going to worry about it. ;-)

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