Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jeepers Miniatures

 I've lived in Indiana my entire mini-ing life and have always wanted to go to Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures. It's only about a three hour drive from where I live in NE Indiana. I finally got my chance on the trip hubby and I took to Brown County. Jeepers is in Morgantown, just a few miles north of Nashville.
 It's a beautiful shop and the owner is very knowledgeable. She's also quite sweet. I don't know very many miniaturists other than online so it was so good to have someone "get me" right away. She asked if I had a dollhouse and as soon as I hesitated she knew that I had several, lol.
 The projects she has on display are so detailed and perfect that it was fun just to explore those...but, of course, I did a little shopping, too.
If I knew what my next project was going to be, I would have purchased wallpaper. I've never seen such a large selection before.

We talked a bit about brick and mortar stores vs. online ones. Her philosophy is that we miniaturists should support the online stores associated with brick and mortar ones. The online shops are what keep the brick and mortar buildings open.  After visiting Jeepers, and Rau's Country Store this past winter, I am more than willing to do my part. There's nothing quite like actually touching and seeing the things you want to purchase. I don't live near either store but now that I've visited them, I want to have the opportunity to go back. I will be shopping their online stores when I can't visit in person.


A. Wright said...

Oh Shoot De, I wish I had known you were coming to Rau's store! That is not far away at all, next time let me know. I'd love to treat your and yours to some local German goodies ;)

Josje said...

It always makes me laugh when I read a remark like 'It's only about a three hour drive'... If I drive for three hours in any direction, I would be in a different country, haha!

It is lovely for you to be able to visit a real brick and mortar store now and then. And I agree with your suggestion of supporting them. There are too few left!

Neen said...

I agree that it is very important to save the brick and mortar stores. I also think it is very smart of those stores you visited to maintain an online store. We used to have two wonderful miniatures' stores in my area, and they both are now closed. I really miss having the option of buying in person. It's interesting that neither store operated online. Perhaps that makes the difference.

Cheers, Neen

Steinworks said...

it looks like a great store!

Marisa :)