Tuesday, July 30, 2013


So last night I was browsing through mini stuff on ebay and found some really cool Victorian room dividers. You know, the carved bits that go in corners and arches - openings that don't have doors. I bookmarked a couple and then this morning I was inspired. I remembered the wooden fan I bought while on vacation with hubby and figured out how to make my own carved dividers and corners. The Willowcrest with all its arches and open doorways was crying out for a little Victorian bling. Remember this house is a modern fixer upper owned by newlyweds, Bailey and Josh. They are keeping the Victorian flavor and we are assuming all of this fancy trim is original to the house. ;)

 This is the most elaborate one. It divides the foyer and the parlor.
 Just a hint in the corners of the doorway between the kitchen and parlor.
 Corner pieces in the larger archway between the kitchen and foyer.
I wanted trim across the top of the opening, too, but working around the stairs from only the bedroom side made that impossible. I was lucky to get the side pieces in.

So for the cost of a $2 fan I was able to add "bling" to all of the arches and doorways...and I still have a lot of fan pieces left. :)


Maria Ireland said...

I love your idea it is fantastic. I love the look. I also have one of these fans and wondered what I could do with it :))
Hugs Maria

De said...

Thank you, Maria! Can't wait to see what you do with your fan. :)

Lisa T said...

What a great idea. It adds such character. BTW, I love the wallpaper in the master bedroom too.


De said...

Thank you, Lisa! The wallpaper came from a book of Victorian wallpaper replicas. I love the color.

MiniMaker said...

Awesome idea, De!

De said...

Hi, Gaye. How are you? I hope things are going better for you and your family. Missed you.

MiniMaker said...

Hi De! I've missed you too but I have been keeping up with your blog! Things are better for the moment and hopefully they continue that way.