Monday, September 9, 2013

Work has begun...

...on the baby house. Go here to see what it looked like when I bought it. I cleaned it up, ripped out the old wallpaper border and painted the floors to look like wood. Then I wallpapered to match the furniture I plan to use in each room. This is only a rough start. I have a lot to do inside. I plan to put faux windows in each room and make new bedding for the bed. I think the living room needs a rug, too. Then there will be the accessories. At some point, I may make new furnishings for this - the bed may happen sooner rather than later.

The base painting is all finished on the exterior. Now I just need to age the finish a bit more. I already like it much better than the solid baby blue it was before. As you can see, Elvis helped with the painting today. After all the canning, he was ready to do some "manly" work. His words, not mine. ;-)

Stay tuned for updates on the baby house. This will be a quick project but will provide some much needed mini diversion. Have a great week all!


Lisa T said...

Looks great so far, De. I love the rose detail on the doors.

Fabiola said...

Very nice. I like the painting on the exterior.
Bye, Faby