Friday, February 20, 2015

Progress, change, and a long week

 I've been making slow progress on the tile work. I finished the back a couple of days ago. Tonight I started on the last roof section. I've been alternating from side to side this time because it hasn't gone as smoothly as the other sides. Daughter #1 thinks maybe I just have selective memory and choose not to remember how frustrated I got on the other parts. Hmm. There may be some value in that theory, LOL.
 The change is in the porch post. I wasn't really happy with the square support I'd used but I do like this shortened and dressed up version.
And, finally, the long week: I had strep throat this week and even with antibiotics my voice disappeared. Trying to keep 1st graders interested in social studies when your voice is alternating between Mickey Mouse and Darth Vader's is a bit challenging. Just tonight, I'm able to speak without cracking. It's still not my normal voice but it's a huge improvement. Plus I feel better today. I'm really hoping to finish the French Country house this weekend. I've been researching ideas for the Westville. It's such a pretty house that I'm leaning toward something other than a home for Santa's elves (my original thought.) I haven't made any decisions yet but I'm leaning toward a period home - maybe in the 30s. Thoughts, anyone?


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