Saturday, February 7, 2015

Slowly wins the race

Well I hope so, anyway. I'm still plugging away at the roof. There's not a big enough change to post a new photo so you'll just have to trust me, lol.

I decided to add a fireplace tonight. It's in the living room. The chimney comes out above the kitchen side. I haven't decided if I care enough to change that. ;-)
The fireplace was made completely from scratch. The tiles came with another garage sale dollhouse. Since  the season for this house is summer, I don't really want to put a fire in. I  may make an "iron" screen with leftovers from the house trim.

My husband is in the hospital with a lung infection of some sort so mini play is as I have time in the evening once I leave the hospital. Bear with me!


Steinworks said...

I hope he feels better soon and I like your fire place

De said...

Thank you!

Giac said...

Hello De,
I love the fireplace. It really anchors the room beautifully!
Big hug,

De said...

Thank you, Giac. I am very pleased with how it turned out.