Monday, May 3, 2010

Fairy Photo Shoot

I took the Spring Green Fairy outdoors into the spring green for some new pics today. Here's one of them. She looks really cute in the tree and the new photos brought several new views for the etsy shop. Yay!

Today was a long day - hubby has to have some more tests, including a heart cath on Friday. I spent the afternoon and evening at the hospital for my MIL's surgery. It went well but she's going to be uncomfortable for awhile. I will let you know DH's results after Friday.

More doctor visits tomorrow. This time for my daughter. Next week should be much calmer. :0)


Ascension said...

Espero que tu suegra se mejore, animo para tu marido y a tu niƱa que todo le salga bien.
Y de tu preciosa Hada, solo te puedo decir GENIAL!!!!
besitos ascension

De said...

Thank you, Ascension.

Kim said...

De- I have been away too long! I hope your hubby is ok--I guess I need to go back some posts! I love the fairy- so cute- I especially love her outfit! My best wishes to all in your family for good health and recovery ♥

De said...

Thank you, Kim!