Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's just not right without some people

I know there are many people who feel that dolls take away from the realism of mini settings. While I respect that opinion, for me a mini scene doesn't come to life unless there are mini people enjoying it. Bailey is visiting her Grandpa Harry for the day. One of her favorite places in the garden is the bridge.
She loves to stand and watch the water fall over the rocks and count the fish as they swim by.
Harry was up early weeding. For now he's content to watch his granddaughter and relax on the patio. (BTW, Harry is for sale in my etsy shop, at least for the moment. I rather like him in the garden.)


Ascension said...

Seguro que disfrutan muchisimo de la tarde, se les ve muy felices!!!
besitos ascension

Anonymous said...

the whole scene turned out great. I too like the way dolls give life to a scene and all my scenes have dolls in them. It is nice that Harry keeps a close watch on his grandaughter.