Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another small update

I thought the living room needed something more so I made this chair. It's truly a combination of odds and ends from the wood box. The legs are small clothes pin halves. The arms I think were supposed to be the side rails on a child's rocker. I had to make some adjustments but they worked well for the chair arms. The top of the back is a piece of gingerbread and the bottom of the back is a piece of baseboard. The trim between the front legs was on a hutch that had one broken leg so I had to remove the trim.
Here it is in the living room with the other furniture. Looks like George is going to do some reading before dinner.


Glenda said...

Well done - an excellent reading chair!!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Looking good De. I wonder what its like to sit and read while someone else cooks.

Victoria ♥

Kim said...

you always amaze me De- the new chair looks fabulous!

De said...

Victoria, lol. I wouldn't know either.

Thank you all for your kind comments.

BTW, the boarding house has a temporary home on top of the entertainment center. It's temporary because hubby is distressed that you can't see the front of the house, or really even the third floor without a ladder.

Ascension said...

Ha quedado muy elegante.
Eres una gran artesana.
besitos ascension