Friday, October 1, 2010

Adding a bit here and adding a bit there

A trellis with a climbing floral vine - it isn't supposed to be any particular flower. I used a bit of plastic plant from Dollar Tree and added little tissue paper star flowers. The trellis was made from sections of bamboo skewers. A quick and easy project that adds some color to the corner.
This project was a little more involved. The table top was an arched window punchout from a previous kit.. I cut and sanded the straight end to get a half circle top. The decorative back also was leftover from an old kit. The front leg is a stair spindle but I only had one left so the back legs were cut from chopsticks. The carved trim is a section of braided trim. On top of the table is a black rotary dial phone made from a piece of spring loaded clothes pin with a bead and wire receiver and a paper dial. A pad of paper and a pencil are ready for messages. The glue wasn't dry when I took the photo so you can see a little white on the edges of things.

The boarding house is still sitting on my dining room table, waiting for a home. I think hubby is stumped, lol. It's really big.

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