Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A little time for minis - ;-)

Some time ago I made some vintage style metal lawns chairs in one inch scale for a back porch swap. I thought that style would be perfect for the bungalow porch - something a young couple who enjoy older furniture might like. So I got out some thin metal and some heavy wire. This is the chairs just after assembly.
And here are the finished chairs. The olive color will look great on the front porch.

Well, the post office tracking says my bungalow is out for delivery today. The mail man didn't drive up to the house with a package but maybe the box fits in our large mail box. Hubby will bring the mail up after work so I guess I'll see then. (Much as I want to get started on the bungalow, it's really cold today and I can't quite bring myself to walk down the drive, lol.)


Kim said...

They are really cute- I remember having chairs like these when I was a kid :)

Anonymous said...

The chairs are very good. They will look nice in the porch. We also have not wanted to walk down to get our mail as it has been soooo cold.

miniaturista said...

Ahora que llega el buen tiempo están estupendas para sentarse con un libro en el proque y disfrutar de la brisa.
Un abrazo