Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shingles are finished!

But I cheated...sort of. I didn't use all those l stained before. I decided I wanted I asphalt shingles so I cut shingle strips from sand paper. After gluing them on I dry brushed stain over them to add some color.


Lainie said...

Dang, Girlfriend! You've been busy!
Love the shingles!

A. Wright said...

What do you use to cut the sandpaper. I want to do that with my willowcrest roof but am worried about the sandpaper tearing up a blade.

I really like how it turned out and the stain adds some nice depth

De said...

Thank you!

April, I cut strips of sandpaper with my paper cutter and then cut notches with scissors. I used cheap sandpaper from Dollar Tree and it didn't seem to be to hard on my paper cutter blade.

A. Wright said...

Thanks De! I will definitely give this a try now.

Kim said...

looks fantastic De- I like the way that it matches the brown shades in the stonework. This is a very beautiful house ♥