Friday, February 4, 2011

Meet Ben and check out his laptop

Ben is a G scale model railroad figure. He's perfectly scaled for the half scale bungalow. I got his desk set up with a file folder full of paperwork and a laptop. Now he just has to wait for his wife to get here. :-)


April said...

OH! He looks like my dad--and my dad is BEN. too funny, laptop included!
i don't suppose his wife is "sally"?
just wondering!
my dad's desk is never that neat, though.
i did not know that the G scale figures were half-scale for minis. great info!

De said...

That is funny, April. I won't know his wife's name until I see her, lol. She should be arriving soon, though.

I accidentally discovered the G scale/half scale thing. There is some variation in size between manufacturers but they are close enough to work well, I think.

Hammockinparadise said...

I didn't know you had a website. That's cool.