Monday, October 28, 2013

And so it begins...

 I have three coats of magenta paint on the exterior pieces. The trim will be a soft white satin finish. I'm still debating on what color to make the door. I want a third color for accent. I'm making the dollhouse from a DuraCraft Lafayette kit. It's a tab and slot - not my favorite - but so far the pieces are punching out cleanly.
The rest of the furniture will be from kits or from scratch but I found the tub and cradles when DH and I were exploring antique shops last week. The sink, toilet, and family are all ebay purchases. I don't want to make any of the kit furniture until I have the house built. I read at least one review that said full scale furniture doesn't fit well. I have a couple of other houses like that. They just take a bit more creativity to furnish, lol.

I am trying to make myself take this project slowly...or at least slow for me. I guess we'll see how well I do. ;-)

Have a great week!


Lisa T said...

Love the magenta. It is so cheery.

De said...

Thanks, Lisa. The girls' favorite color is pink. I didn't want pale pink and I didn't want pepto bismol pink, either.The magenta is a nice purply-pink, lol.