Friday, October 25, 2013

Still in the Christmas mood

 I made this tree a couple of years ago and it has been listed in my zibbet shop but as I was looking at pictures of it, I decided it needed more ornaments. This is the result. Now it has red, white, silver, and clear ornaments instead of all red.
 The tree skirt is reversible and has hand beaded edges.
 The tree topper is a painted button. The sewing loop just slides over the top of the tree.
A close-up shot of some of the ornaments. I really like the contrast between the white and the red and silver ornaments. The clear/crystal ornaments add a bit of sparkle. I wouldn't mind a Christmas tree like this one in my size. :-)

The next project is a bigger one. I'm making a dollhouse for my daughter's boyfriend's little girls, ages 5 and 3. This will be fun because I love to decorate dollhouses for little girls. Hiding it will be the hardest part.

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Deni said...

Oh its adorable I am absolutely crazy about Christmas and soon will have to get onto my village scenes!