Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It was a very productive day in Miniland

 The only thing left to do on the exterior is assemble and attach the porch steps.  All of the dreaded shingling is finished and it actually went quite smoothly.

 The bathroom is ready for a few accessories like towels and toilet paper.
 The twins are settled down for a nap in their cradles but their parents still don't have a bed. The wardrobe doesn't fit so I need to see if I can make a small dresser work.
The great room looks really empty. Once I get the spiral stairs finished, I will start making furniture. The girls are young enough and the windows are pretty enough that I think I will leave the curtains out of the house. The large cat came from the thrift store. He was attached to a rubber stamp. He looks a bit angry. :-)


Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Wow De, you have had a productive day! It looks great! Now did you tell us where you got the house?

Lisa T said...

Wow, you've got so much finished! It looks great so far. The windows are so pretty, it would be a shame to cover them with curtains :)

Lady Jane said...

I picture this cottage on Cape Cod. The gingerbread is wonderful. Lovely job.

De said...

Thank you all!

Gina, it's a DuraCraft kit I found on ebay for $25. It's a die cut tab and slot so kind of a pain but it was too good a bargain to pass up.

Lisa, the stained glass is what convinced me to leave the windows curtainless. And more natural light will get in without them.

Lady Jane, I had to make some modifications to the gingerbread but it is basically all kit. I like it, too.