Monday, November 11, 2013

Progress - Slow but Sure

 Real life keeps intruding on mini time but I am making progress on the Lafayette. All roof sections, except the back roof, are glued on and ready for shingles.
 I still have lots of work to do - gable trim, shingles, exterior steps, and the spiral staircase inside.
I left the back roof unglued so I could finish the wallpaper more easily. The wall isn't glued in either. I'm pretty sure this is where it will be, though. Everything fits in the bathroom and I still have room for the parents' bed and the cradles. Not so sure about the wardrobe but I will try. I am anxious to start on the furniture kits so I can figure out what will fit and where.

How many more days until Christmas? I will not panic...

1 comment:

Lady Fanaberia said...

What a beautiful pink house :) I love round windows in the upper level. Everything looks great :)
Różowy domek wygląda wspaniale. Najbardziej podobają mi się okrągłe okna na poddaszu, ale całość jest rewelacyjna :)