Monday, November 18, 2013

The furniture is finished!

 I think the lower level is finished. The furniture is done and I added photos of my daughter with the girls and with her boyfriend. I also added a little food and the fridge has a December 2013 calendar and some children's artwork. And there is a decorated Christmas tree on the table in the corner.
The kitchen is very crowded, and much like DH and my first apartment, the oven door is nearly impossible to open.;-)

The Corona furniture kits went together very quickly. They work well for a children's dollhouse but would take much more work to be suitable for an adult's dollhouse. I drew faucet handles and stove knobs because the girls are so young but I would use beads and findings for an adult. I would also make all new handles for an adult. The punchouts are very clunky.

I think I need to add a few things to the upper level and then this house is finished and ready to give away. I can't wait!


Lisa T said...

Looks great! I love the personal touches you added with the pictures and artwork. :)

De said...

Thanks, Lisa!