Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's looking more like home

 The plant pots are caps from some medication of my DH's.
 The ivy is a plastic plant in a barrel made from a small cardboard tube with tea dirt.
 The sofa and dining set are reclaimed from my zibbet shop. I made new pillows for the sofa to match the fabric I used for the chair. The base of the chair is a polymer clay one I made for the half scale colonial. I changed some of the furnishings in that house for some of my vintage pieces several months ago. The side table was made from more of the cardboard tube with a lamp made from a bottle of pink fingernail gems and a paper lampshade. The artwork is a framed doodle from church this morning. (I serve in the media booth and the sermon is not quite as interesting by the second service, lol.) The yummy chocolate lava cake in the kitchen was made by my friend, Brenda.
 All of this furniture used to be in the colonial as well. The bed got pretty new bedding. The dresser just needed a lace scarf and a plant. The slipcovered sofa is another polymer clay piece. Draped in a white "sheet" it looks very cozy. The little house is a Monopoly game piece that I painted to look old.
 I found the little straw hat in my mini stash. I think it adds a bit of country charm.
 The little pillows on the couch are the polymer clay ones from the original version.
 This is just a closer view of the living room side.
And here's a closer view of the kitchen. I haven't done any thing more with the bathroom yet so no new photos there.

I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures. My camera needs charged so I used my phone. I still want to add a few more personal touches but I am so glad I changed from the vintage furniture. Now the little house looks like the vision in my head. :-)


Steinworks said...

I love it, I really do! those little touches transformed it into a cozy home. it's so warm and inviting now

Great Job De :)


De said...

Thank you, Marisa!

Mark said...

The stonework is beautiful, and not one crushed finger laying it all up!

De said...

Thank you, Mark! ;-)