Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just a few more details

 I added an ornate hanging bracket to the bathroom mirror. It looked too contemporary for the rest of the room before.
 The stove end of the upper cupboards needed a bit more to look finished so I gave this silver frame a bit of black patina and framed the rooster that was already there.
 I found the mini Eiffel Tower in the boarding house. It is more appropriate here and is just the right extra this table needed.
 I made an ottoman to act as both coffee table and footstool. It's upholstered with a French script scrapbook paper. The candles are pencil erasers with a black thread wick and glue melting wax drips.
That's all for tonight. The little details are making this house a home. I'm sure the residents, Joy, Joe, and little Jamie, would love to have doors, though. That's going to have to happen soon! Joy and Joe are now ordered, too. I've got to get the house move in ready!


PILAR6373 said...

Esos detalles son los que dan a la casa un mayor realismo,me gusta sobre todo la otomana que has hecho de mesa del salón!!

De said...

Thank you!