Sunday, July 26, 2015

Wonderful husband and getting started

First, the wonderful husband part - after 4.5 weeks of resting with my foot elevated I was getting a bit restless. My husband decided to rent a wheelchair that would allow me to elevate my foot. We went to the farmers market, had breakfast out, and then he spent a couple of hours wheeling me around Hobby Lobby so I could start thinking about decorating the Westville. It was heavenly. Also, I saw things from an entirely different perspective, literally. Wheeling around at a child's level made different things jump out at me. It was fun and eye opening. :-)

Now for the getting started part - I found a large book of scrapbook paper (1/2 off!) in the colors I am planning to use in the Westville. With a 1950s timeline I wanted teals, pinks, greens, etc. Last evening and today I spent some time with markers adding color accents to some of the papers to give me the 50s feeling I'm going for. This is a sample block of different colors of the linoleum floor tile I want to replicate.
 I started with this green and cream checkerboard scrapbook paper and added colors to the "tiles" to get the effect I want.
 Then I folded along all of the squares to make them look like individual tiles. Once I get page sealed and in place, I think I am going to be happy with the results.
 This paper will be the living room wallpaper. It was all just turquoise on white. I added pink, olive green, and a bit of blue gray. This also needs sealed but will look good with the tweedy gray sofa and gray print drapes. I haven't decided whether to make the chair matching or contrasting.
 I feel like I'm making progress on the design part of the house now. I'm starting to see it come together in my mind. Fingers crossed that my thoughts translate well to reality. ;-)

Have a wonderful, blessing-filled week!

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Giac said...

Hello Dee,
That is a wonderful husband indeed. I am glad you got out of the house. I love the flooring you are working on. It will look great. Big hug,