Sunday, April 10, 2016

Back from vacation and on to the next project

 DH and I found this conservatory at an antique shop in Indianapolis last year on a visit to see DD#2 and her family. It's been waiting for me to get inspired. Inspiration and interest hit last evening. I started looking online for furniture and plant tutorials. I wanted a sofa/bench type piece and found a couple of possibilities. I'm glad I didn't order anything, though, because a lovely lady at church brought me a kit she found when a local thrift shop went out of business. There was also a coffee table but that will be saved for a future project. I love how this turned out. I painted it with a dark green glaze and then added a cushion and pillows cut from a floral napkin I found some time ago at a thrift shop. The little table, cup, and plate were all made by me.The banana bar on the plate was made by Gaye at My Small Obsession.
 The flooring is a mix of stone tiles and vinyl tile. I didn't have enough of the stone ones so I just made a cozy little elevated area at one end. Some sort of tall palm or potted tree will sit to the left of the bench.
 Doesn't this look like a wonderful place to spend an afternoon with tea and a good book? I am anxious to start making plants now. (Especially since we've had a bit of snow almost every day this month! Please find us soon, Spring.)
 I love this table. It was made by my friend, Sandy. Look closely at the trunk and you can see a face. I made the tree stump stools to go with it. The set has been waiting for the perfect place to call home. I think this is it.
The next step will be filling up the empty spaces with all sorts of plants. Then it will need a pet and maybe a person, too. I'm very pleased with the early stages.

Have a wonderful, blessed week, my friends!

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PILAR6373 said...

Que buen comienzo! me gusta como has solucionado el suelo con los dos tipos de baldosas,la mesa y tocones de árbol para tomar el té es perfecto!!!