Monday, April 11, 2016

It's starting to look like a conservatory

 A bonsai made of twisted covered floral wire, foam grass, and paper flowers planted in an old computer keyboard key. I didn't have a tutorial. I just looked at photos of real bonsai and played.
 A tiny succulent planted in a shallow bowl, in sand.
 A Dieffenbachia on a marble post. The leaves are printies I found online. The pot is a combination of lids and the marble column is a heavy duty cardboard tube my son brought from the trash at the grocery store he works in. The natural spiral of the tube determined the direction of my marble veins.

The palm tree is planted in a Dollar Tree plastic trophy cup. The trunks are sticks from my yard with some painted details. The leaves are cut from cardstock. The leaves look more natural in real life. The shading doesn't show well with the flash.

This is definitely a lady's conservatory with all the pink and the floral upholstery. I'm liking the balance between rustic and elegant. I have several more plant varieties to cut out and pot. I'm planning to have philodendron and spider plants hanging from the center beam also.

By the time I finish this project I am going to want a sun room of my own, LOL. Have a blessed and happy day, my friends!


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Great looking plants, I want to just go in and relax.


De said...

Thank you, Victoria. At this point in the school year, I want to join you!