Thursday, April 14, 2016

Finished, huh? Yeah...right!

OK so maybe I wasn't finished. I added three more hanging plants. They were quick and easy because I used some mini holly roping for the ivy and bits of 1:1 plastic plants to make the fern and the big plant. Now it feels more like a real conservatory might feel. If you have a space dedicated to plants wouldn't you want to fill it up? At any rate, I think I've used up all the available space for plants so all that's left is putting mini me in place on the bench.
 My free range chickens were desperately trying to "help" or more likely looking for treats, so I had to snap the photos quickly. I apologize if the quality isn't the best. The "girls" are very curious and really wanted to get closer.

 There are still some glue areas that aren't dry - not that I'm impatient or anything, lol.
It's hard to tell in the photos but now it looks complete. There really isn't any room for more plants anyway if mini me wants to be able to move around in there. ;-)

1 comment:

Kat said...

It's beautiful! Can mini me join you, lol? I've always wanted a conservatory.
I was sooo hoping you'd include a photo of your chicken friends checking the place out :-).