Monday, June 13, 2016

Thinking on a bigger scale...

... literally . I am redecorating two Barbie houses for a friend. Actually, decorating for the first time. The insides and exteriors are painted the same with no trim. Not for long! Dad is hoping his adult daughters will take them once the decorating is done. The first is a two story Colonial. It has two large rooms. I'm planning to add at least a partial wall to the upper level for a bathroom. The lower level is essentially finished.
 I didn't take before pics but it was a box with holes for windows and door. I plan to add a door once I start the exterior.
I added daughter #1's wedding photo. I found some beautiful frames on clearance at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbook section. I am using scrapbook paper for wallpaper. The rug in the living room was one of my coloring pages from last summer while I was recuperating from foot surgery. The border in the kitchen is gift wrapping ribbon.

I am having fun with much that I'm going to redo my middle's Barbie house for the granddaughters for Christmas - with mama's permission, of course.

The second house is huge! It has six rooms, an elevator (that worked when his girls were young), and a rooftop patio. The house is two large sections that are connected with walkways. Those are off now so I can work on the house. It's almost as tall as my entertainment center and is currently taking up quite a bit of my living room, lol.

I have the two houses and a t shirt quilt to make "on commission" this summer. At least I will be busy enough to stay out of trouble, lol. Have a great week, my friends!

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