Saturday, June 4, 2016

Two more rooms!

 The one thing I don't like about taking photos of the smaller scales is that the imperfections that aren't apparent when you view the scene in person are glaringly obvious in an enlarged photo on the blog. I know that there are plenty of flaws but I am happy with the results, flaws and all. :-)

The photo on the left is of the kitchen. I am so excited about this room! I originally tried to find printies for the appliances but I'm glad I decided to wing it instead. ;-)

The living room furniture turned out much better than I thought it would. I didn't use a tutorial but just played with wood scraps until I found something I liked. Quarter scale will never be my favorite but I am having fun with it for a change. I'm having problems hanging on to the tiny pieces of furniture so I know adding details is going to be a challenge. Wish me luck!


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

That is so cute Dee! I wish I could see well enough to make smaller scales like that, lol on photos showing the imperfections, happens to the best of us.

De said...

Thank you! My biggest problem is just hanging on to the tiny pieces. I can see well enough but my fingers all turn to thumbs, lol.

Giac said...

Hello De,
I LOV#E that kitchen!
Big hug

De said...

Thank you, Giac!