Saturday, February 24, 2018

I think this is gonna work

 It's a multi step process - draw the stones, fill them in with paint...

... continue to fill in...

 add highlights with a white chalk pencil and shadows with a black one. Then I sealed it all with matte Mod Podge dabbed on with a paint brush to keep the chalk from bleeding. I love how it looks. Now I am anxious to do the front but the end was several hours of work and I need to give my wrists a rest. I hope to get more done tomorrow. I also sealed the areas that I am leaving in their original state like the roof and chimney. The paint is very chippy and I don't know how old the house actually is. Sealing seemed like the best plan.

Inside I added trim around the ceilings of the bedroom, kitchen, and living rooms. That fixed all the areas that had gaps and rough edges.

It was a productive mini day and I got the laundry done, too. Win win! Have a wonderful day, my friends!


Marian said...

Me encanta como va quedando toda la casita.
Un abrazo

Giac said...

Hello De,
It is coming along beautifully. I love the stonework.
big hug

De said...

Thank you,Marian and Giac!