Sunday, February 25, 2018

Working my way around

The door was originally the same color as the rest of the house. The stones are penciled in ready to paint.

The finished front. The colors are much more muted than they appear in the photo.

The dormer windows were just the frames over the same house paint so they didn't look very window like. I added curtains, white with blue pompons. It's just a little touch but it helps with the overall farmhouse charm. 

I have the chimney end left to do and then the exterior will be finished. Then I will move on to the personal details inside the house.

Thank you to all who are following along on this project. Wishing you a wonderful blessing filled week, my friends!

Edit: I gave the stones two light coats of a white wash and like the results much better.


martha hansen said...

That fieldstone out beautifully. Did you seal after the white wash? I am wondering if you can paint on top of the ModPodge and how that works. Thanks for sharing!

De said...

Thank you, Martha. I actually made the wash with matte Mod Podge, white paint and a bit of water. That way I added another layer of sealer and I knew the wash would stick.