Saturday, February 10, 2018

I'm back!

 My birthday was yesterday. A week or so ago , my hubby and I saw this vintage handmade dollhouse while exploring a new antique shop. Today we bought it for part of my birthday gift from him. I acquired some miniatures from a couple of cousins recently and I will be able to furnish much of the house with them. I am also using a couple of pieces made by miniaturist friends, and some homeless pieces I've made in the past. All I need to purchase are the kitchen appliances.
 I gave many of the pieces a contemporary farmhouse makeover. Black chalk paint does a beautiful job covering the bright red finish on inexpensive pieces.
 The hutch was done by my friend Brenda and the table was made by a friend for a dollar store swap. I made the chaior.

 The bed used to live in the boarding house and the other pieces are all from Dollar Tree.

 This is an early layout. I changed out a few pieces after this photo was taken.
All but the coffee table came from my cousin. The table and buffet both got makeovers. This will be a fast project but I am so happy to be working on minis!


Giac said...

Hello De,
Welcome back and happy belated birthday! This is such a lovely gift and it is great that your cousins furniture found a good home. I cannot wait to see more.
Big hug

De said...

Thank you!

Marian said...

Felicidades. Nunca es tarde para los buenos deseos a los amigos. Espero que tu día fuese especial.
La casita se ve bien, espero que disfrutes trabajando en ella.
Un abrazo