Sunday, April 26, 2009

Houses and bathrooms and more, oh my!

I am very excited! I am getting a DuraCraft Brookfield dollhouse from my hubby for Mother's Day and a RealLife Miniatures kitchen kit from the kids. I used the kitchen kit in a house I did in the early 90s and loved it. At that time you could still get it in mini stores. I've been trying to get one on ebay for the past year but kept getting outbid. Got it this time, though!
I'm planning to make this a very elegant little house. I'll be using the gold furniture I made for the living room and I redid this Dollar Tree bathroom set so it will fit in.
The tub was all originally the same red as the exterior. I've textured it a bit though and added the magnolias. The toilet was bright blue and had embossed hearts on the tank and lid. I sanded those off, painted the tub interior and toilet with a metallic pearl and then decoupaged magnolias on the tub, tank and lid. I used a silver paint pen to put a chrome finish on the hardware and feet of the tub.
I think I'm definitely getting my $1 worth!


MiniKat said...

What fun presents! I like how you redid the bathroom fixtures. :-)

Doreen said...

They sure dont look like they came from a dollar store. What a difference.

De said...

Thank you! I wish I had remembered to take before pics so we could compare them.