Saturday, April 11, 2009

I think it's finished!

Except for exterior trim and some sort of ceiling, of course. The interior is mostly complete, though. Mr. Smith is no longer "nekkid". To his right you can see the xray reader and the blood pressure monitor.
The cupboard is stocked with extra medical supplies. The soap and paper towel dispensers and round box of tissues are all near the sink. The small packets at the front edge of the sink are gauze pads still in the packets.
So sorry for the delay, Mr. Smith. Oops, maybe he had to wait a bit longer than the usual patient! This is a view of the entire office.
The left side of the office.
A closer view - you can see the open file, an otoscope, a stethoscope, a jar of tongue depressors, a box of latex gloves and an open box of cotton balls (with real, tiny cotton balls inside.)


Doreen said...

I love it De. It turned out fantastic. Love all the supplies, xray etc. All the detail - great!

MiniKat said...

Love it! :-)

Sunny Sunflower Miniatures said...

I love how it turned out! But I wonder does he have blood to monitor pressure for?

Lena said...

I just love it! Every detail is great!