Monday, April 27, 2009

Sample room settings

Probable plans for the Duracraft Brookfield:

I spent some time tonight with wood scraps making temporary mini rooms to see how my furniture and chandeliers are going to look together. This is just a rough idea and the ceiling is way too low but you do get the effect of a room.

The bathroom is going to be contemporary/romantic. Old fashioned tub but with chrome trim rather than brass, crystal chandelier but modern lights at the carved mirror, contemporary bowl sink and round vanity...I think it's going to look really pretty. I have a cream background with red flowers wallpaper in mind.

I really like the colors of the living room chandelier with the furniture. The green matches the interior of the hutch. This will look much better when there's a bit more clearance between light and flowers, lol. This room will have cream and gold striped wallpaper with a coordinating border and maybe a carved effect wainscot. I'm still thinking about that. Probably wood floor with an area rug.
The kitchen will be papered in a neutral check pattern with a fruit border. I think I'm going to do the cupboards in a sheer pearl finish with dark granite look counter. The floor will be terra cotta tile. All of this is open to change since I don't even have the kit yet but these are the plans in my head right now. I almost always have most of the furniture made and the decorating figured out before I even start building. The project goes really quickly then since I've already made a lot of the decisions. At this point, I have no idea how I'm going to finish the exterior. I also am going to want to do something different with the stairs as it is an ugly opened back thing. Looks more like basement steps than the main staircase.

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